Currently, the course material is 95% ready and this website is only about 70% ready, more pictures, editing and probably videos to come... 

3/9/21 - major update

Version 3.0 Is now available. Please register and download it, all I ask is your name and email address.


Our presence as always will be improved at Quora and a Facebook group has been created however there are only a few members, currently as this is not a priority focus (no link yet). Please join them and remember this is very early in the growth of How To Get There, there is not much social activity at this point.

Our social presence will grow with intended inclusions at Instagram and Tik Tok (this will not happen till 2022) 

We will launch a newsletter as soon as there are at least 100 potential readers (or we have at least 100 people who have downloaded the course that have shown interest in another way).

There will also be a couple of online conference deliveries of the course after we have at least 5 people who are able to attend the course online. I will create a survey to see if you are interested and over what time period you would like it delivered. The survey will be created Over the next few months and I hope the course will be delivered online late this year or early next year.


We now have 8 followers in the quora.com space https://howtogetthere.quora.com/

There are also 12 members in the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/4417085125008815

Please consider joining (even though there is little activity in them right now, they will grow in numbers, activities, events, services and help for you).

I will also create a media release and contact local media in October to begin creating awareness.


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