Discover how to Lead, Achieve, and Succeed

Achievement and success (they are primarily the same).


In school 50% pass & 50% fail (basically) as it is the top results vs bottom, no matter how good or bad the results are. In real life it is not a 50/50 split as you are not taught the practical life skills that you need after school. You need to discover them yourself (seek to learn throughout your life). Most people don’t know (or want to know) where to get that information. Unlike school it’s not handed out on a platter. In life, school results equate to success less than diligence. We will teach you to Achieve, Lead and Succeed.

You can achieve without great leadership skills. You may not have a team or following behind you. It may be you buying from one person and selling to another, acting alone. You will however use some skills of leadership, because you will be leading those sellers and buyers to meet your requirements. 



To be a leader, people must want to follow you. We follow those who stand out and more so, those who display certain qualities. So you must be at the front of the queue and have people willing to follow you (the more you display the qualities of the leader the more they will wish to follow you).

My motto: honour, courage, wisdom and discipline.

These are 4 of the main qualities of leadership, then there are other considerations Such as the abilities which make you standout, the most important of these are planning & promotion.

So to do this you need to plan and promote whatever it is you wish to lead in and do that with honour, courage, wisdom and discipline.

The rules of achievement and leadership 

Here are the rules of achievement and leadership regardless of your desire: (affection, finance, control, respect and security). 

Imagining your dream result will not get you there; Imagining it's complete path (planning it), from beginning to end and then acting on it will! Keep it realistic, choose a good path. 

To achieve that goal, you will need to: 

1/ Believe in both yourself and the project (you must be important and the project must have massive importance). The right mindset; choose to do what it takes (be proactive)  Believe you can… (moreso; believe you must). Realise who you are, where you're at and what you need to change.

2/ Have the determination and Boldness to do what's required (it can't be a desire it must be a need). Set those changes in motion.

 3/ Choose your path (end goal) you need a rational destination.

3.1/ if you don’t have a particular purpose in life but just want money, simply trade. How to make money.

4/ learn the simple steps to get there. 

5/ Create plans to exceed what those who are successful have done. Plan a wise successful journey to that outcome.

5.1/ Have the wisdom to find the knowledge required (seek advice, assistance and or tools). As much as possible, use the knowledge of others to assure the outcome. Learn and apply the simple effective methods they use. Memorise techniques to gain their support and the key points to be more authoritative.

6/  Start working on your launch, Prepare the actions required (plan, practice). 

7/ Display: honour, courage, wisdom and discipline, as they will help you gain support from others. Whatever level they may be; customers, mentors, followers, partners, staff or the government.

8/ Do the actions required.  Prioritize it above all else.

  1. / Absorb the initial success to become even more of the person you want to be.

10/ Assess results for improvement and make changes (seek advice again).

11/ Do the updated or new actions and finally

12/ Revolve through processes 8 to 11. 


Discover what else you can do to go even beyond your initial goal.

I have a free 130 A4 page workbook that will teach you how to gain; affection, finance, control, respect and/or security (not all of us want all 5). So if you'd like the in-depth details of how to do these things please start at this page The How To Get There Course

Your current lifes’ outcome doesn't change if you don't take the first step.

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