Make and Save Money

Making and Saving Money

Money comes down to two things: Making it and saving it. We show you how to both especially making more money than you might think. So here's the bascis of how to reduce your spending and increase your income to make more money.

Reducing your spending

This will save money, but again, it does not have the extreme benefits of changing what you do to increase the income in the first place. So if saving money is of interest to you clikck this link.

How To Save Money

Increasing income

There are multiple ways to increase your income it could be by working more, changing what you're doing in attaining that income,  or investing.

There is not much to say about working more, as when you work a few extra hours you gain a few extra hours worth of income.

Changing what you do to attain that income is certainly more relevant. Most people can easily increase their income through sources that make far more money than working for a few hours.

You can’t manifest money, it doesn’t appear by wish, desire or magic!

Nor does it come overnight, it comes by what you put in. Money is like seeds. Let’s use corn. You can eat it or plant it; if you eat it you are fed for a night, if you plant it it will grow (in the case of corn you will end up with 100s of times what you sew in just 3 months)

Time and money are all but the same. What you do with them determines the outcome of the future harvest.

It can be very easy to make, but you need the right plan. Don’t expect it just to happen with little or no effort. It is out there, it's up to you to get it.

Wealth requires 3 things: passion, a knowledge of value and dedication/time.

It is made in 3 ways: industry, trade or charity.

It does not require an initial investment, for example; you can pick up things for free that you can sell for hundreds of dollars or ask for supporters on crowdfunding sites etc.

You must 

Believe you can gain the same results that wealthy people gained when they turned nothing into millions. Believe in yourself and your potential. The wealthy have many secrets, but many people do actually know them and still are not wealthy. Knowing something doesn’t make them rich (it is only the start).

The hardest part is choosing to change. The 1st lesson in that change is: You can’t wish you must do, you must choose to become proactive! Choose to make the changes required to have success in life. (if you want massive money; business brings the most and is simple, if you know what to do.) The decision is difficult, the changes are easy because the decision must include commitment.

Being Smart is not enough, you need the right motivation, useful ideas and a few simple tools to help you along the way. It’s easier than you think (I explain these things in the How To GetThere course).

Here’s the basics.

1/ Realise The effort that required for success and the depths to which you may need to go, then

2/  Find the drive to do so (not just ‘the want’) If you have no passion you will not have the required dedication, so passion is a must. 

3/ Plan to do what those who are successful have done. Discover the many methods of producing money (Generally sales, as that’s what money is all about). Be proactive. Proactive people start businesses because they learn how to do what is required to go out and get it.

3.1/  Choose an outcome and a plan to get there. What are you passionate about that makes people wealthy? Then emulate their journey. Choose the most profitable outcome for the time required or choose what best suits you or even better what people want! (you need to be passionate about the offer or the results).

3.2/ If you have no passion then trade, but be passionate about it. 

Money is the tool of trade, so trade makes money, in other words; buy what you know you can sell quickly for at least double or what can make you $X per hour (what is X for you $30? $50? It’s $100 for me… If I’m not getting at least $100 per hour it’s not worth my time). 

3.3/ Prioritize it above all else 

4/ Plan a wise successful journey to that outcome

4.1/ Learn the requirements, procedures and tools of success

5/ Start working on your launch, Create your business (workers get a few dollars an hour, business people get hundreds, in many cases thousands of dollars an hour).

5.1/ use the knowledge of others to assure the outcome (as much as possible)Learn the simple effective methods they apply.

5.2/ Memorise and absorb that info etc. Memorise the key points and do what they do. Some put in as little as 30-40 hours a week to become rich. The more you want or the quicker you want it, the more you will need to maximise your effort.

6/ Raise funds - Raising funds by yourself if you can’t find a backer is not hard, but it takes determination (you may need to get over some personal issues)

6.1/ start where you’re at... buy something for $100 to sell for $200 if that’s all you have.

7/ Don’t spend the profit Feed the profit back in (80–100% of it). plow it back in the $100 item becomes 2 of them or 1 twice as good. Only when you are making $500 per week minimum take 20% to live on and the rest goes back into the next purchases. Live your new role (that of a successful person eg money goes to building more money *don’t spend it on yourself at first, keep plowing it back in). 

8/ Absorb the initial success to become even more of the person you want to be.

9/ Delegate, get others to produce the money for you, so the growth becomes exponential.


10/ Assess results for improvement and make changes (seek advice again)

11/ Do the updated or new actions (revolve through your processes). 


12/ Discover what else you can do to go even beyond your initial goal.

Some bad things will happen, but more often to those who don’t prepare or don’t think of the potential problems.

Poor people often lack the recognition of the right opportunities at the right time and the determination to utilise them to get to where they want to be in life, rich people recognise, assess and act.

 How To Make Money


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