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Relationships are a difficult and complex issue that require far more than one web page to explain. They come in many forms and most of us have multiple kinds of relationships. Our relationships with our parents are different to that with our children and different again to those we work with and our friends and so on.  The following information will help you build better Relationships

Affection including [Love and or attention],


Success including Prestige, Excellence, Esteem, Recognition and or fame if you want, 

Control: personal: [Privacy/Liberty] or public: [Power/influence], and

Security or safety.

 We all want at least 1 of those 5.

 Then, use straightforward, successful methods to build your relationships with them or to gain them. “The Pursuit of Happiness” includes the word “Pursuit” (action to get those desires). It needs to be more than just a dream. You will want to realise your potential, Discover and deal with that which holds you back or you don’t like within the relationship (accepting what is outside of your influence and that which is not worth the effort!).

   If you're not highly successful in your chosen Relationships; Why haven't you got more out of them? Have you reached your level of maximum competence? [the point where you are no longer able to gain competency to advance in building those realionships?]



Realise what you want, affection, success, wealth, fame, control, security... then use straightforward, successful Methods  to attain them through your realionships. 

You’d like to have the control to gain affection, money, security and respect, wouldn’t you? As they can improve your happiness, can't they? They require knowledge, planning and the ability to influence. (We all want to have others see our point of view, don’t we.) We can improve your happiness by increasing your ability to attain those desires, especially by building relationships where you can promote your ideas and desires to others effectively. 

 We teach you;  how to be the person you want to be [and need to be] and the steps to advance, attain your desires and gain maximum agreement from others, which in turn advances your position, by their support.

 You must decide where you want to be in life. We’ll give you the tools and show you "how to get there".

We maximise your probability of success and improve your results: socially, economically and influentially; that will improve your ability to control your life and gain agreement and support from others. Have people saying yes… when you want a yes


This unique course Is full of new information and proven methods - It will cost... time more than anything! The course itself is 40 hours and it can’t teach you to influence everyone, although it will maximise your probability of success… 


From proven results, so you can be confident, and feel safe (sound good). 

It’s a Simple format which is easy to follow and easy to do (that’s refreshing isn’t it).

Its free (by reader donation, the budget counts, doesn’t it.

It’s More comprehensive than others.

With unique new material, (help and tools unavailable elsewhere).


These increase your knowledge. producing better results which then sponsors success in gaining those 5 prime desires. Improving knowledge and results to attain your interests and better relationships, will create a better, more influential you. (just imagine). It will also Increase your income via: a promotion or raise (if it’s fixed) or more commission, residuals, and or profits (if it’s not).


With Tools for:

Improved Memory – to embed your new skills (it’s got to be practical, right)

Life skills, – improve and gain confidence and ability (even people who have them, want more)

Achievement  - to make you more effective in attaining those dreams (you’d like that wouldn’t you)

Body Language – yours and theirs; giving insight into approaching them. (increasing those results)

Directing communication – improved communication; builds positive relations and your influence in them (we all want others to listen, agree and commit [where needed], don't we)

Planning – to steer you to your goal - even higher probability of success in life (can you see a better future?)

Understanding basic psychology - understanding yourself and others will develop the relationships you want (who doesn’t want to understand more)

Closing – do more than just give information, you want to confirm understanding and seek agreement or commitment, to be more successful.  (isn’t success in life; “finding happiness” the goal)


It also sponsors 

Social network growth - more contacts and resources for your benefit. (that’s good too, isn’t it)

Improved relations - being seen more positively gains affection and agreement (wouldn’t you want that also?)


We also teach

Attainment, Discipline (Planning and time management), Trust and rapport, approach mentality, early contact considerations, Directing Communication (inc: preparation, process, maintaining control, dealing with criticism and conflict, resisting persuasion, and ending conversations) Contingent Infinity (which is the process of a Promotion or gaining agreement and commitment), Scripts, Closes, Post Close and other useful information.


You will learn things like:

  • A personal history of the founders life journey "from coward to forward" how I overcame my direction, cowardice and planning issues to become a successful, courageous leader)

  • The trumpet and bafle model of life direction

  • Presentation Skills and overcoming stage fright

  • Emotion vs logic

  • Personality Types

  • MO - Modus Operandi - (how different people operate)

  • Approach mentality

  • Choosing and building positive relationships 

  • Finding support to get there 

  • Improving Bad Inescapable Relationships

  • The 5 magic words

  • Acceptance pyramids Vs the Acceptance Diamond

  • Getting the best price (Negotiation - eg. buying or selling a car)

  • How to flip! starting for free (Minimum of $50 p/h average to an average of $100 p/h within a month, using this method)

  • Managing Others (eg a sales team)

  • Getting through a slump

  • and other influence, control and promotion models


Why not compare... 

You’d have to do a few courses and pay at least $1700, probably $2700 or more, to get just 80 or 90% of this information. Then you still wouldn't have the unique material and modeling created by Glen Hassard the founder of How To Get There... 

So what would you expect to pay? 

The 40 hour comprehensive course is FREE.  A 130+ page A4 workbook is included 

Why is it free? The course is by donation. Do the course and donate what you think it’s worth.  

Please, only download the course if you have full intent to read it all, even if you look at certain chapters and decide that you have conquered that area in your life already. I want you to know everything that is in it so you can  also offer it to others, as I seek to help you and would like you to pay it forward (and back; if you choose to donate).  

N.B. It is currently 95% complete *It requires a little editing **It will never be complete, as it is a living open-source document, it will continue to be improved like an operating system. ***So if you have any good ideas let us know so we can add them too. 

After you have downloaded this I’d like you do three things: 

1/ Put it somewhere on your system that gives you easy access (for example your desktop). 

2/ If you are not going to read it immediately please you set a reminder for yourself to read it on a regular schedule maybe set an alarm on your phone. 

3/ Once you have finished I ask you do one or both of these: 3.1/ donate what you think it was worth (If you consider it to have been life changing and you can afford to do so then please go ahead and donate thousands, if you compare it to another course say Anthony Robbins or Marshall sylver then $500-$800 may be suitable, if you think it was merely worth the price of a good book on this subject then please go ahead donate $30 or $40. It is a donation so any amount that you choose to donate or even if you choose not to donate it is totally up to you.  3.2/ if you have no money at that point, then I ask you to promote it to others. This world is quickly becoming a share world where competitors are also supporters; people in the same industry give help and advice to each other and all grow together because of it.  I ask you do the same and give back either financially or by promotion. 


What happens with donations?

Initial donations will pay for ads, then as soon as possible part of the donations will pay to me to deliver this course as a video series which will also be offered for free on this website and maybe via YouTube.  

After those costs are covered all further donations will be assigned to paid promotion of this site and it's material, as well as growth and further development of this website and course. You get to decide what my knowledge, effort and life itself has been worth to you.


Are you ready to maximise your life? Then please download the current version now. 

Not sure? If you don't discover the changes required to maximise your life and implement them, then you will end up wherever you're going now. Where is that? a life with poor results?


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