How You Can Give Back
Many people like to give back when they can, because it makes them feel involved, like they are helping too. I'd like to think that you'd like to help as well. 

What I'd like you to do is, consider how you can help. It could be as simple as telling others how we can help them attain a better life. 

Maybe you could give a little of your time because we need blog writers and people to create other writen content, a wordpress editor, SEO improvement, a graphic artist, people to seek sponsors and much more. We would love your help.  Please contact us if you would like to give online time. 

We also need donations of money; single donations are available now here and subscriptions will be available soon. 

There will be a Sponsorship page and sponsorships on each page There will be different types of sponsors and sponsored programs. For example maybe you could Sponsor a page for $200 per annum? (This is not a set price yet). 

What happens to sponsorships? Like donations, they will pay for running costs and further advertising. However, 10% of sponsorship money will be paid; as a commission, to the person who found the sponsor.


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