Adam Pfeifer

Please help Adam

Adam is 40, lives in Ontario Canada and at times suicidal because he was locked out of his family home about a year ago. His ex has the property (under mortgage) and their kids, whom he claims to have never been violent with. 

I must include; I only have his side of the story and mostly basic details. As I only recently discovered his case on Quora. This is what I’ve found out so far.

His ex’s lawyer said he could only talk about seeing the kids if Adam signs the property over. He has recently started work and hasn’t enough money to pay legal costs and he doesn’t qualify for legal aid. His priority in life is regaining access and doesn’t want to lose everything in court on a chance that he may then gain some access. 


Adam is living in a trailer ($1000 per month). He also has some charges from a year ago as he reacted and didn’t know how to act in a better way. Those charges are harassment based etc. He didn’t know a better way than to go and argue his case and didn’t know how to keep it from getting out of control. Unfortunately we often don’t learn to avoid the mistakes before they happen.  

I’ll teach him to avoid them and live in win/win relationships and how to be more effective in his dealings with people and gain better results. I can’t help with his current situation, I can only help him improve his future. He needs help now, which I can’t do. I decided to act by contacting him via zoom which I did this morning. From that I’m creating a plan to help him: 1. Regular contact 2. Seek help from otters to improve immediate issues 3. Manage (a little, if suitable) any help he may get 4. Teach him to build better relationships and improve many aspects of his life.  

One thing we can do to help others is to build a network of help around them. So that they can gain local support, even if it is advice on how to get support from their local support services such as charities. I’m also recommending these sites to him as a little research is all I can do for him without a network (in his current circumstance).  (DLS - downtown legal services)

If you would like to help, I’d like you to contact people in Ontario (if you know any) and let them know that Adam needs help especially those in the legal industry. Adam needs practical help to get this turning around. I'll work on his life skills to stop it happening again or at least teach him to use effective measures to reduce future potential disasters before then begin. If you can't help in that way, but think you can in another, then;.

If you can, help please use the contact form on this site or answer at

Update; (one day later)

I will be meeting Adam at 9am Brisbane (Australia) time via zoom daily to help him plan and create a better future. We will start reading and discussing the “How To Get There” workbook in the first week of October, so if you’d like to join us on zoom your welcome to join and learn for yourself. I’m happy to help with your disasters and teach you these things too. Please use the contact form if you are interested contact form

18 September 2021

I have been meeting with Adam for 3 or 4 days now; I'd like you to have access to learn these things as well. I asked him if I coulld record these meetings yesterday and forgot to tell him I'd like to post them here so others can learn. I'll ask him tomorrow and upload them given approval. Why not find out what I'm doing for him and how you can gain an advantage in life too.

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